Technology & Production

An integrated system is the key to our success.

By standardizing various tasks in-house, we are able to speed up the overall process. Our quality control system is ISO9001-2008 certified, and spans from production to shipping. In addition to standard inspections, we perform hygiene management with the latest methods for pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

1 Planning & Design

The planning and design stage involves countless trials and considerations to create novel and innovative materials.

2 Vacuum metallizing and blown film extrusion

We offer manufacturing technologies capable of creating high-barrier films and blown films for the vapor deposition of aluminum, etc. This adds remarkable functionality to our packaging materials.

3 Prepress

Print data is created and managed on the basis of layout images supplied by clients throughout Japan. We create plates quickly and precisely using laser etching and plate engraving systems.

4 Printing and print inspections

We use a wide range of printing equipment, including ten-color rotogravure printers, multicolor printers, and special-purpose printers, and carry out thorough inspections to provide high-precision color printing.

5 Laminating & Coating

Providing the laminating and coating needed during package processing is one of our specialties, as we have a great deal of skill and experience in the industry. We can tailor packaging to specific applications by adding a variety of functions as needed.

6 Product inspection

We combine cutting-edge computer technology with human operators for a twofold quality control system. Product quality is enhanced and waste is eliminated through various tests based on national GMP standards.

7 Slitting

Rolled film or paper is cut parallel to the feeding direction and sent to the final process. Slitting may be performed by laser cutter or score cutter for some applications or objectives.

8 Pouch making

With the largest number of pouch making machines in all of Asia, we produce a wide range of packaging products for more applications than you can imagine, including center-seal pouches, three-side seal pouches, zippered pouches, standing pouches, and BIB products.

9 Quality inspections

As the final process before shipping, strict quality inspections are performed using a wide-range of high-performance measuring equipment. Our comprehensive checking system ensures that every product shipped meets the highest quality standards.

10 Shipping

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