We speed up the production process by taking care of everything in-house. This includes planning, designing, manufacturing of metalized film/blown film, prepress, printing, laminating, slitting, pouch making, production, and shipping.


Technological strength

Our technology and experience in the industry combine for high-quality laminating and coating.
In the Prepress Department, we utilize years of experience to provide excellent quality in all areas of printing.
Rather than limit our technical abilities to the Japanese market, we intend to expand our business into the global market as a leader in the industry.

Quality control

Quality control

From production to shipping tasks, we offer total quality control for a better product. As we've acquired factory certification from the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association, we go above and beyond normal inspection, also paying great attention to detail in hygiene management.
We are ISO9001 certified as well, taking product quality to the next level through various inspections based on the QMS System.


Planning ability

By combining the experience and skill of our group companies, we can provide the "total package" to our customers. We offer soft packaging for a wide range of fields, including foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, industrial materials, and electronic components. And by fully utilizing our nationwide sales network, we are able to meet the diverse order needs of our customers throughout Japan.


Production capacity

The Group is recognized as owning the most pouch-making machines in all of Asia. And with a remarkably high production capacity, our system is able to handle large orders. We can fully meet all types of customer needs, such as dimensions, lots, and delivery periods.


Past results

In our pursuit of more attractive, easier-to-use products, we've created a hundred thousand types of packaging. Fields of use are diverse, ranging from foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, to industrial materials and electronic components. Through these achievements, we are able to understand the issues and contemporary needs of our customers, and now offer more standard pouches than any other company in the industry.

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