Standing pouches

Standing pouches

These pouches are able to stand on their own, making them ideal for tabletops, shelves, or other such displays. Features for easy opening, zippers, spouts, etc. can be added as needed to meet various applications.
Makers of detergents and toiletries use standing pouches quite frequently now as their main product containers or refill packs.

Bottom gusset pouches

Bottom gussets

A bottom gusset supports the entire pouch, enabling it to stand in quite an attractive, stable manner. Because the pouch's body and bottom portions are made of the same material, patterns other than endless or solid can be printed on the bottom of the packaging. Even when laid on their sides, the design is very appealing to customers. Unlike regular standing pouches, the bottom seal is not limited to a single size, so these pouches can be enlarged if needed. The same accessories (such as easy-opening features, punches, or zippers) can be added to this type as with the standing pouch.

Zippered gusset pouches

Zipper gusset bags

These pouches are easy to open because of a special zipper along the top. Their gusset format provides a large storage capacity with a small amount of packaging material. They can also be filled from the bottom using high-speed, auto-filling technology, making them a useful package for various products, such as cocoa, coffee, and powdered detergents. We offer this product in a large size as well, ideal for holding large quantities of pet food, rice, or industrial products.

Flat-bottom pouches

Flat bottom bags

These standing pouches feature a flat bottom for remarkable stability, and are able to hold a larger volume of product than pouches of the same size. Even when holding lightweight content, they will stand firmly due to their unique design, for excellent sales appeal. They can also stand on their own if some product is removed, making them convenient for storage purposes. These pouches are ideal for holding a small amount of pet food, powders such as cocoa, and stick packets.

Zippered kangaroo pouches

Kangaroo zipper bags

The fill slot is separate from the opening, allowing you to fill the pouch without touching the zipper. This feature eliminates defects related to powder getting caught in the zipper, and improves filling efficiency. They also feature tear tape for easy opening, a wide design space on the back, and a hook hole that can be re-used after opening.

TM packs

TM packs

A Thomson blade is used to cut these packs to give them special character or design. They can be cut into virtually any shape, and laser processing can be used for straight cuts or to add a zipper. These pouches are a perfect way to make your products stand out from the rest. When using conventional equipment to produce new shapes, initial costs were quite high, but TM packs enable you to shape pouches with the character or design of your choice at a low initial cost.

High-cut pouches

High cut

A flat bottom and stable design make these easy to stand, and unlike regular standing pouches they don't fold over when holding heavy products. In particular, they are known for their attractive appearance while standing. They are primarily used to hold rice.

Lip-pack series

Lip pack series

These self-standing pouches feature pouring spouts, and can be used just as they are for containers. They can also be used as refill packs for detergents, etc. and are gaining popularity as bottle substitutes.
Other features include remarkable filling efficiency, easy-opening, and easy-pouring design. Combined with TM pack specifications, they can even be cut into the shape of your choice. An SD-S type for small diameters, a GI-V type with an improved hand-tear opening function, and more, are available to meet various needs.

Microwavable pouch series

Microwave heating series

These specially patented products are microwave safe, and no plastic wrap is necessary!
They feature an auto-opening function exclusively for microwave cooking, making them ideal for steaming foods.

S.K. Pouch

SK pouches

Using this packing material as a sealant will reduce waste material and increase task efficiency. It is mainly used for industrial applications.
The waste material remaining after use is roughly 1/10th that of conventional products. It can also be folded for compact storage.

Riptainers (BIB)

Lip tainer (BIB)

A three-dimensional film gusset structure enables them to stand remarkably well on their own. They are manufactured in a dedicated clean room. Filling is easy, as very little foam is produced during the filling process. The upper part of the gusset functions as a handle, for easy-carrying and hot-filling capabilities. Its external cardboard can be printed on as well.
This pouch is known for having very little residual liquid compared to conventional pillow types, and can be used to hold high-viscosity products. Several types of spouts are available for selection, to meet specific content or application requirements.

Dual-chamber pouches

Dual chamber bags

Two content types can be mixed inside a single pouch.
They are useful for packing portable products for freshness, such as single-serving foods or single-use cosmetic products.
We are considering adding roll delivery as well for auto-filling.

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