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Laminate tubes

Laminated tubes

Featuring a variety of properties, including the barrier properties of metal tubes and the softness and flexibility of plastic tubes.
They are also very strong, offering remarkable chemical resistance, and can therefore be used for adhesives and hair dyes.

Easy-opening series, Laser, LN, Micronotch, etc.

Easy opening series Laser, LN, micronotch, etc.

These products can be easily torn open by hand. Many types of processing can be done with them to meet various applications, such as notches that are not straight cut or slitted, to avoid product damage or hand injuries.
We can also propose a Universal Design to meet your specific application.

Printing for shrink wrap

Printing for shrink packaging

Shrink wrap that fits the shape of various products. Up to eight colors can be printed on it. The wrap can be shrunken to fit various product shapes just as the customer desires. It is used for multi-packaging various products, including yogurt drinks, jellies, and natto, while also used for sealing instant noodles, etc.

Special resin extrusion

Special resin extrusion processing

We perform special resin extrusion, including PBT resins with remarkable aroma-retaining, heat-resistant, and formability properties, TPU resins with excellent elasticity and flexibility, anti-static resins, and eco-friendly, VOC-free laminates that are free of adhesives and organic solvents. Please contact us regarding non-olefin characteristics.

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