ATAC series

ATAC series

This metallized film offers high barrier performance and excellent adhesive strength. Unlike aluminum foil, it leaves almost no residue when incinerated. Our one-of-a-kind, continuous vacuum metallizing machine allows us to develop a special type of metallized film that no other company can offer. It meets various needs, such as ultra-high barrier fields and colored metallization.

KAPOLA non-leak series

Capora non-leak series

A laminate film for high-speed filling of liquids or viscous materials, which is extrusion laminated using a special resin in our unique processing technique. It is remarkably pressure resistant, featuring excellent heat-sealing and hot tack properties, which allow us to accelerate filling speed and eliminate leakage.


Capora UV

This film protects content from UV rays, blocking at least 98% in the 200 to 400 nm range.
Its transparency ensures that content is visible and can be easily checked on. Also excellent for display purposes, and ideal for external medical packaging, infusion solution bags, and cosmetics.


Capora γ

A laminated packaging material that can be used for radioactive sterilization or physical modification of medical devices and instruments. Yellowing and the deterioration of odor emission strength due to exposure to radiation are reduced a great deal.

KAPOLA E guard

Capora E guard

Used for a wide-range of industrial materials, and especially for electronic component packaging. It protects content from exterior electrical discharge, and prevents static electricity due to friction during transport. It also prevents dust or filling powder from sticking to pouches during packing, transport, or display.
In addition, it is remarkably moisture resistant, preventing products from absorbing moisture. It can be used in the clean room as well.

Antibacterial nylon

Antibacterial nylon

This nylon film is coated with an antibacterial agent. The agent used in this material is inorganic for safety purposes. We have confirmed its antibacterial performance against E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. As with regular nylon, it can be printed to and laminated. Applications include small pouches for liquid soup, cooling agents and refrigerants.



The inside of this film is coated with a volatile corrosion compound. It complies with JIS Z 1535 (anti-tarnish paper standards), and since it generates a rustproofing function by transpiration, its anti-corrosion effect goes to work immediately with iron and iron alloy, something the kneading type can't offer. It can be laminated to protect products and make it more suitable for automatic packaging.

Biopolyethylene film

Biopolyethylene film

Thanks to our in-house film blowing device, we have successfully developed a special PE film. Our MB-144 is made with plant-derived bio-PE, containing an industry-leading 59%. We are doing our best to develop films and pouches that fall in line with a sustainable society.

Lamination sheets for molded products

Lamination sheets for molded items

These sheets exhibit a variety of possibilities, including uniquely-expressive printed trays, metallized trays that increase product value with high-quality gloss, and barrier laminated sheets with gas barrier properties without using barrier film. We also offer miso containers with excellent barrier and aroma retaining properties as standard molded products.

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