With over a hundred thousand products to choose from, we've got your packaging needs covered.

We can learn a lot by looking at things from the customer's perspective.
Our goal is to make superior packaging that's easier to use, attractive, fun, and just as appealing as the product it holds.
If it doesn't exist yet, we'll rise to the challenge.
That's the philosophy behind our creation of a hundred thousand products.
Wrapping is our specialty in a diverse range of fields, from foods to electronics.



Food packaging is designed to appeal to how delicious the product is in an effective manner. We use various techniques we've developed to specially arrange product materials and shapes to ensure product quality is maintained.


Medical applications

Safety and security are priority one.
We look at things from the customer's perspective to create durable, portable packaging.

Health care and cosmetics

Sanitary applications

Safe and hygienic packaging for skin care and baby wipe products is one of our specialties.
We also supply packaging for a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products.



We supply individual packaging for delicate electronic materials, such as semiconductors, IC, and LSI components. Anti-static, moisture-proof laminate film with aluminum foil is also available.

Agricultural supplies

Industrial and agricultural applications

Available packaging includes "Wave Seal" pouches for gardening, which maintain product quality and protect against insects, high-capacity "zippered large gusset pouches," and much more to meet various applications.

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